How to Move

Dear Brightstar,

I’ve reached Geneva, my new home for the subsequent months as I take up an internship here.

Two weeks ago I thought I would be prepared to suitably begin a life here with ease. I have traveled farther and to more difficult places than Europe, surely Geneva would be least problematic

The universe however, persists in seeking  balance.  I have found myself  subject to far greater culture shock here then any past travel in Asia, Africa or South America. A combination of jet lag, adjustment to city life and a fondness for home, hearth and the friends I left is making this adjustment  difficult.

It will take longer then expected to adjust and meet the pace of this city but I am still grateful that the issues that do come up are easily solved with  time and patience.

So even with this less then energetic start to my new life, I feel I can offer some lessons garnered from this transition.

My formula for keeping moving (whether to a new life or to keep your life in-motion) are:

Patience. Self-compassion. Flexibility.  Luck (take the chances given and keep a eye out for chance itself).

This advice holds the keys to all transitions. They are absolutely necessary and yet the most difficult to achieve in times of struggle and change. I recommend them to you my dear friend Brightstar as you deal with your Holy Tussle.

With the tools we are given we must try and change our worlds one patient, self-compassionate step at a time.

With good wishes and sincere love,